A New Website

Welcome to our new website! On behalf of NEWAA’s creative network of artists and arts organizations, we’re so glad you're here. Art is good for us and makes communities stronger. The artists who bring art into our lives deserve to be celebrated.

There are endless distractions in our technology-infused, hard-working culture. Art has always been here, of course. You may be wondering how you can bring more art into your own busy life.

We're here to help you explore art, connect with new art experiences, and engage with local artists. We also make it easy to support and uplift living artists right here in your community! How cool is that?

Northeast Wisconsin is home to many artists creating beautiful things and moving experiences. The discovery and access process can seem daunting. NEWAA is here to help change that!

Enjoy exploring our members’ individual pages and their connected sites and social channels. Or go on a journey of discovery and see where it leads! You can also leave a testimonial and share something you like with your own connections. (Yay, sharing is good!)

Be sure to check back often as our members post new work samples and our network grows. Our new platform makes it easy and fun to find, learn about, hire, and support artists and arts entities of all types.

All variety of artists are part of NEWAA's multi-disciplinary creative network. Members include visual artists, musicians, writers, performers, filmmakers, actors, designers, and more.

There are many ways our website directory can be a valuable resource. Here are some search-worthy things you can do here:

Find original art for your home or office. Book a musician for a special event. Commission a unique public artwork. Hire a designer for a creative project. Find an art teacher or mentor. Select an artist for a local exhibit. Locate a cool art venue or gallery. Connect with other creatives. Expand your visibility if you are an artist.

Too busy to scout out what you need? I’m happy to provide referrals for artist recommendations to fit your needs. We are here to help bring more art into all aspects of people's lives.

A grassroots arts startup, NEWAA relies on community support, partnerships, and sponsorships. If you like what you see and want to help support this social enterprise, consider a contribution. Giving = love. And please tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about us.

Abundant appreciation goes out to CairnTek, designer, developer, and sponsor of our new website. Gratitude abounds for believing in us and helping NEWAA fulfill our mission.

Thanks for being here, friends.