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Artistic expression is a channel and gauge for our feelings, spirits, minds, and all our senses. The arts are a conduit for vibrant storytelling about what it means to be alive. As the arts move us physically, mentally and emotionally, they also catalyze us into action for greater purpose.


Humans are naturally drawn to seek out art experiences in both traditional and unexpected places. Our inner passions are fed and nurtured with opportunities to appreciate art in all its forms. The arts lift us up beyond everyday experiences, adding deep meaning to our lives.


The arts open doors to innovation, invention and creative problem solving in all aspects of our individual and community lives. Art unifies people in profound ways. As a communication tool, art helps us rise above societal challenges and connect us in meaningful, authentic ways.

What is NEWAA?

Art is an expression of human emotion. It captures the passion and imagination of the human spirit. The purpose of NEWAA is to elevate the arts and the artists who make them in northeast Wisconsin.

NEWAA connects, uplifts, and shines a spotlight on the creative community throughout Northeast Wisconsin. The arts provide a primal path toward a deeper understanding about our shared connection and make life worth living. When the arts are valued and artists who bring them to life are celebrated, all of humanity benefits.

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We want to celebrate you. We want you to be a part of our community so that when you have a success we can celebrate it. We want to be there for you during the difficult times and help you through your struggles. Join us and be a part of our family!

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The mission of NEWAA is to connect, uplift, and shine a spotlight on the creative community throughout Northeast Wisconsin. We cannot do this without your support. Join us in this effort.

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We have the privilege of representing some of greatest artists in Northeast Wisconsin. The passion, creativity, and imagination of our members inspires us.

Explore the artists who are creating things of beauty, reflection, and joy in your community. Discover artists who inspire and speak to you.

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